About Our Family

IMG_3318 Our family is loud, nerdy, crazy, lazy, busy, fun and the most important thing in the world.





IMG_5184My husband Brian, and son Luke are the greatest blessing ever. My boys are best buds as much as Father and son and are always up to something mischievous.

IMG_0946Husband and I are approaching ten years of marriage! Commitment is about so much more than the fairy tale dreams of a picture perfect wedding and your vows. It’s about keeping those promises, working together as a team, and not against each other. Faith in God and His love for the both of you, and knowing that He has faith in you succeeding- is the foundation and it’s encouraging, grounding knowledge. Marriage is work, yet has the most amazing outcome as you learn and grow closer together, reaping the benefits of the promises you keep and is the best feeling ever.

IMG_5679We bought our little old dream house in New England in 2012 and absolutely love it. As with all old houses, there’s lots of work to do, and saving for the next project, but it’s a process we enjoy. We couldn’t do it without the help and blessings of our family, they are always ready to pick us up when we’re in over a heads and frustrated- and laugh because they’ve been there.


IMG_3939We have lots of old gardens, and against my plans, I have fallen in love with working in them. My Grammy and my mom were amazing gardeners, and I thought I’d had my fill of dirt as a kid- but here I am. Apple, tree. I lost my Mom to cancer years ago, and I miss her terribly every day, but it’s amazing how much I find her around me, God knows just when I need a reminder of her, and He’s always right on time.

IMG_4235Our other family members are two Shih-Tzu’s, Chewbacca and Vadar. Yes, we love StarWars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, swordplay and all things nerd. I digress, the dogs are very important to us, although they seem more rabbit-goats than canines. Sure they aren’t that bright, useless as watchdogs, are high maintenance Foo Foo’s, but they are also Luke’s best friends. They are constant entertainment, love us as much as we love them and the are the main attraction for all the kids that come over to play.


IMG_4570One of our favorite pastimes is golf, all three of us love it, though we don’t do it enough. We are fiercely competitive, and Brian and I are sometimes left hanging our heads as Luke, staring at butterflies more than what he’s doing- drains the ball and leaves us in the dust. Brat.


I hesitate to include my health in this section, but as it has become part of who we are at this point, I must get over it. Three years ago I was diagnosed with something called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, or Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. It is a relatively rare nerve degenerative nerve disease that is one of the most painful conditions known to modern medicine. Awareness is paramount, because early detection is your best and usually only chance of beating it. For more information please see and share the RSDCRPS-Awareness section.
IMG_4799I became unable to walk without crutches, work, drive and all the things I took for granted. Life became very different for our little family, and I needed a purpose. I felt I had to do something to help other women suffering with this disorder, other illness, depression, abuse- anything that made them feel less beautiful. It broke my heart to see all the beautiful women unable to see the stunning creatures that they are. I’d loved and played with makeup for the last decade, and decided it was my calling so to speak, to aid through beauty and love.

FlawlessImperfectionBeauty.com was born. To help each of you beauties to see the gorgeous creature you are. Like a diamond, we are all unique, each of us have characteristics that make us different and beautiful. Don’t look at things as ‘flaws’, they are all beauty marks that separate you from the pack, and create a little mystery as to the amazing person inside.
And that is one, fantastic, beauty we all want to see more of.

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